About Us

Strange Houses, In Brief…

Strange Houses, In Brief… Heralding from Long Island, New York, Strange Houses is a band of obsessive individuals (relatively speaking) making original, minimally processed music for discerning listeners. The band is an odd amalgam of musical tastes and inspirations: a drummer that slams a backbeat and rolls through the toms like a thunderstorm, a classically trained lead guitarist with an unapologetic penchant for Kiss, an over-qualified multi-instrumentalist slumming on bass, and a rhythm guitarist with alt-singer-songwriter pretensions and a bad habit of penning obscure lyrics. Somehow this all comes together in a not altogether unpleasing way.

At this point in the bio, we’re supposed to tell you who we sound like so you can determine if you’ll be interested in listening. OK, let’s give that a shot…imagine the Monkees mashed up with Led Zepplin and that resultant mess further mashed up with M. Ward…Actually, that may be little hard to imagine, even for us. Let’s try a different approach. Some listeners have compared us to The Doors and Lou Reed, although not at the same time. Others have, at times, have called us “Beatlesque.” Although not all the time. Not helpful? May we humbly suggest you listen to a few songs and let us know who you think we sound like. Maybe then we’ll know.